Shopping Bags With a Logo

Have you ever wondered why most of the plastic bags, normally used by people for carrying goods, have some advertising images on them? You must also have many shopping bags with logos and, usually, do not have to pay for having such a useful item. That’s because, you get them as complimentary gifts from malls or stores once you are finished with your shopping and are ready to take all the purchased stuff from the counter. However, local shops do not generally offer such complimentary gifts and you’d have to come up with your own baskets to carry off your items. In my opinion, it is really a burden.

If you are an owner of any such local shop or store, this is the right time for you to come up with a new marketing strategy and start giving away such carriers for free. If you are thinking that this is simply a waste of money and only a big superstore can afford such extravagances, I have a few facts for you that’ll make you change your mind.

Have a look at them:

No More Newspaper Ads, Pamphlets or Banners

What methods have you been using so far to promote your business? Running ads on newspapers, distributing flyers, or showcasing a banner? All these methods have some drawbacks that you might not have noticed yet. Newspaper advertisements cost much without any notable results, as marketing research has shown that people usually do not pay any attention to them while reading the paper. Flyers are low-priced, but, by and large, people don’t look at them before throwing them in the garbage. Even those who give it a look throw it away sooner than you think. Banners, again, are costly and the main problem with them is that they stay at one place, normally at or near your shop, and can’t be used to spread the message.

Your Customers Won’t Leave You Anymore

Getting a gift will make your customers feel good. They will acknowledge that you are the only shopkeeper in the neighbourhood who understands the difficulty they face in moving their groceries and must like you for solving the issue for them. There is no way they’ll buy groceries from any of your competitors who do not care for their problems.